Have a questions about our services?

1- What is WhoisEDI?

WhoisEDI is the first social network designed to specifically manage B2B and/or EDI business partners. It is a specialized web application that allows you to exchange in a secure and confidential network, business information (details of your key stakeholders, EDI capabilities, etc.) and to easily and quickly maintain this information.

2- Who we are?

An innovative organization specializing in EDI/B2B business partners management solutions composed by a dynamic team passionate about efficiency and optimization of EDI/B2B processes.

3- How can WhoisEDI help me?

WhoisEDI concerns all organizations (distributors/manufacturers/providers/associations, etc.) dealings with business partners. WhoisEDI keeps you in touch with your professional relationships by enabling you to manage your suppliers and/or customers information in a simple, efficient and automated way.

4- Is it profitable for my organization?

Some of our customers have reduced their direct EDI/B2B costs several thousand dollars a year (up to 20 hours per week) and minimized their risks while improving the operational efficiency of resources allocated to the EDI/B2B. Gains are immediate and they also apply to other departments of the company that are dealing with business partners.

5- Who should register to WhoisEDI?

All companies and organizations doing business with suppliers or customers whether they use EDI or not.

6- How much does it cost?

Nothing - It's totally free. You will pay a small annual fee only if you wish to upgrade to a higher membership level, which will allow you to use advanced features in WhoisEDI.

7- How do you make money if it's free?

Over 20% of users choose to upgrade to the higher membership level in order to use advanced features.

8- Does my company has to pay for each of its business partners?

No it's free! For you and your business partners.

9- Does my company need to register each time a business partner sends me an invitation?

No! You register only once. Thereafter you can accept invitations from your business partners.

10- How many of my business partners are already using WhoisEDI?

Once your registration is completed you will easily find your business partners who have already registered. You may then invite them to share their WhoisEDI profile with you.

11- How to invite a business partner?

If your business partner is not registered to WhoisEDI, you can invite him to register himself to our site or send him an invitation via your WhoisEDI account. We can also assist you if you have many business partners.

12- I cannot find a business partner in WhoisEDI. What should I do?

Your business partner may be using a different company name. Communicate with him.

13- I have several business partners with whom I do not exchange EDI. Can I invite them to join WhoisEDI?

Of course since these business partners may already do EDI. You will know in real time the EDI/B2B capacities of each of your business partners.

14- What type of information will I need to provide in my WhoisEDI’s profile?

Keep in mind that the information you need to provide is information that is already public or semi-public and that you are required to share with your business partners in order to ensure the success of your EDI/B2B operations. For example: your organization, your divisions and branches, details of the contacts, your EDI information, etc.

15- Will I receive spam because I have signed up for WhoisEDI?

Absolutely not! We will never share your email address with anyone and we implement all modern means to secure them.

16- Is this safe?

We make every effort to ensure the best web experience possible as described in the legal documents found in the "Legal" section of our website.

17- I already have an Excel spreadsheet or an internal database containing all the information about my business partners - why is WhoisEDI better?

WhoisEDI is completely dynamic. Whenever you make a change, the business partners who are connected to you in WhoisEDI, are automatically notified via email. WhoisEDI reinforces the principle of ownership of the information. That is to say that the information is controlled by their rightful owner at all times. Each partner can change, destroy and share their own information. This is not the case with a spreadsheet or static database.

18- Should I inform my business partners if I change my profile on WhoisEDI?

No because WhoisEDI automatically does it for you thus saving you time and money!

19- Why should my business partners maintain their information in WhoisEDI when they are not doing so directly with me today?

Because WhoisEDI assure you that the information is updated regularly and in a confidential manner. An effective process takes care of everything. This is our responsibility.

20- Is it private? Will my information be shared or sold?

WhoisEDI will never share your information with anyone without your consent. In addition we have a strict privacy policy accessible at all times in the "Legal" section of the website.

21- Our company has several divisions. Can I use WhoisEDI?

The application is designed to handle multiple divisions or company headed by a main entity.

22- Can I use my WhoisEDI for European business partners?

Yes! WhoisEDI supports information about EDIFACT formats as well as ANSI X12 format.

23- Can I use WhoisEDI to manage my EDI guidelines and other documents that I will need to share with my business partners?

Yes! WhoisEDI allows you to save on the application all the documents that you want to share. Your documents are automatically accessible by your trading partners. When you edit a document, your business partners are automatically notified.

24- Can WhoisEDI help me with my business decisions regarding EDI/B2B?

Yes since you can easily and instantly verify, among other things, which of your business partners supports a particular EDI document or mode of communication.

25- I would like to invite several partners at once. How do I do this quickly?

WhoisEDI has developed a simple and proven methodology to invite multiple business partners without effort from your part. Please contact us for more detail.

26- I have French trading partners. Does WhoisEDI support French language?

Yes! The application is fully bilingual.